Update Hazel

The quickest best way to install a newer version of Hazel is to use the built-in updating system.

To update Hazel to the latest version:

  • Do either of the following:

    • Choose Hazel > “Check for Updates.” When Hazel checks for an update, it connects to the Noodlesoft site. The only information it transmits is the version you are currently running. This is used to tailor the release notes appropriately.

    • Choose Hazel > “Preferences,” click “Advanced,” and click Check Now.

  • If an update is found, Hazel displays release notes and asks if you would like to download and install the new version. You can then do any of the following:

    • To upgrade immediately, click “Install Update.” Hazel downloads and installs the upgrade for you (which includes closing and reopening System Preferences).

    • If you don’t want to upgrade right now, click “Remind Me Later.” Hazel will remind you based on your automatic update settings.

    • If you don’t want to upgrade to this version at all, click “Skip This Version.” Hazel won’t remind you of an update until a newer version has been released.

To configure Hazel to update itself automatically:

  • Choose Hazel > “Preferences” and click “Advanced.”

  • Choose “Daily,” “Weekly,” or “Monthly” from the “Check for updates” pop-up menu. (To turn off automatic checking, choose “Never.”)

  • Optionally check the “Include anonymous system profile” option to send your system profile whenever you check for updates; this provides information that helps us decide which operating system versions and features to support in the future. Click “What’s this?” to learn more about this option.


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