Work with Folders & Rules

If you’ve been reading the help sequentially, you already know the basics of Hazel’s capabilities and how simple rules work. (If not, refer back to  About Folders & Rules .) This next set of topics goes into much greater detail about folders and the rules that operate on them:

  • Manage Folders : Learn how to add Quick Folders (such as those used for browser downloads), conventional folders, and Smart Folders to Hazel; how to remove folders; and how to set folder options.

  • Create & Edit Rules : Get to know the logic Hazel employs when processing rules. Create your first rules; preview a rule before applying it to a folder; copy, move, edit, or delete rules; use Hazel’s predefined sample rules; and search or filter your rules.

  • Manage Rules : Enable or disable individual rules, pause rules for a whole folder, run rules manually, see which rules have matched items in a given folder, import and export rules, and sync rules to a file (so they can be shared with other users or Macs).