When Hazel needs to get your attention, it can use Notification Center to do so.

The types of notifications Hazel may send are as follows:

  • Errors:  Alerts when problems occur while processing rules.

  • File Events:  Alerts when a rule’s actions change a file significantly (for example, moving, copying, archiving, or unarchiving). File events apply only to built-in actions, not to script actions.

  • Trash Events:  Alerts when Hazel deletes something permanently from the Trash.

  • Custom Messages:  User-defined alerts that appear when a rule uses the “Display notification” action.

You can disable any sort of notification you prefer not to receive.

To configure Hazel for notifications:

  • In Hazel, go to Hazel > “Preferences” > “Advanced.”

  • Select the checkbox(es) for the type(s) of notifications you want Notification Center to display—“Errors,” “File Events,” or “Trash Events.”

  • If you have not already enabled Hazel’s notifications in System Preferences, go to System Preferences > “Notifications,” select Hazel Notifier in the list on the left, and turn the Allow Notifications switch on. You can also set other notification parameters for Hazel here, as you can for any app.

To have a Hazel rule send a custom message using Notification Center, select the “Display notification” action (see  Action Reference  for further details).


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