When Hazel needs to get your attention, it can use Notification Center to do so.

The types of notifications Hazel may send are as follows:

  • Errors:  Alerts when problems occur while processing rules.

  • File Events:  Alerts when a rule’s actions change a file significantly (for example, moving, copying, archiving, or unarchiving). File events apply only to built-in actions, not to script actions.

  • Trash Events:  Alerts when Hazel deletes something permanently from the Trash.

  • Custom Messages:  User-defined alerts that appear when a rule uses the “Display notification” action.

You can disable any sort of notification you prefer not to receive.

To configure Notification Center for notifications:

  • In Hazel, go to the Info pane, click “Notifications,” and choose “Notification Center” from the “Display notifications in” pop-up menu.

  • Select the checkbox(es) for the type(s) of notifications you want Notification Center to display—“Errors,” “File Events,” or “Trash Events.” Note that you can’t disable “Custom Messages.”

  • Click OK.

To have a Hazel rule send a custom message using Notification Center, select the “Display notification” action (see  Action Reference  for further details).


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