The Main Hazel Window

The primary place you’ll interact with Hazel is in its main window.

Here are the major components of the Hazel window:

  • Toolbar  : The icons here control major Hazel functions. There are eight icons in three groups.

    • Tools for working with folders:

      • Add Folder:  Click this icon to add a new folder for Hazel to monitor. See  Manage Folders .

      • Add Folder Group:  Click this icon to create a new folder group (to organize monitored folders). See  Manage Folders .

      • More:  Use this pop-up menu to import, export, sync, pause, and resume rules, and to adjust folder options. See  Manage Rules .

    • Tools for working with rules:

      • Add Rule:  Click this icon to add a new rule to the selected folder. See  Create a Rule .

      • Rule Status:  Click this icon to display a window showing which rules have applied and when. See  Show Rule Status .

      •  /  Pause/Resume:  Click this icon to pause (or resume) rule processing for the selected folder. See  Enable, Disable, or Pause Rules .

    • Other tools:

      • Search:  Click this icon and type a search term to filter your list of rules. See  Search Rules .

      • Detach Rule Editor:  Click this icon to display the rule editor in an independent floating window. See  Detach the Rule Editor .

  • “Folders” list  : This list contains all the folders you’ve asked Hazel to watch. By default, it contains only one folder—Downloads. (Note: You can add a folder to Hazel without assigning any rules to it, but every rule you create must be attached to a folder.)

  • “Rules” list  :  This list contains all the rules you’ve created (or imported) for the currently selected folder. Select the checkbox next to a rule’s name to enable it; deselect it to disable that rule. (In this example, all rules are disabled.)

  • Rule editor  :  This pane is where you define the logic of your rules—what action(s) occur in response to what condition(s). See  Create a Rule .


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