Viewing Logs

If your rules are not running as expected, you can view the logs to see what actually happened. Here you can see if Hazel encountered any errors when running your rules.

Note that it helps to preview your rules beforehand. See  Preview a Rule  for more details.

To view the logs, do either of the following:

  • Choose Help > “View Logs.”

  • If you enabled the Hazel status menu, choose “View Log” from that menu.

Either method above opens Hazel’s log file (Macintosh HD   Users   your-username   Library   Logs   Hazel   Hazel.log) in the Console utility (or in your default app for log files, if you changed it). You can use the search field to search for any folders or files of particular interest.


Stopping & Restarting Hazel

Preview a Rule

Enable, Disable, or Pause Rules

Run Rules Manually

Show Rule Status