Show Rule Status

Haze’s rule status display shows all the items in the monitored folder along with which rules (if any) have matched each one, and when.

To display a folder’s rule status:

  • Select the folder whose rules you want to preview.

  • Click the Preview/Status   button. The preview/status interface shows you all the items in the folder as well as which rules they match:

    • For files that have already matched a rule, you can see the date matched, which is when Hazel last ran and processed the file. If the “Date Matched” column is empty for a given item, Hazel has not processed that item yet.

    • If there was an error processing a file, instead of the date matched, Hazel displays the error that occurred.

  • You can view a file’s attributes by selecting it and then clicking its Info   icon. In the Info popover, you can also choose a rule from the popup menu at the top. If the rule matches, the attributes that match are highlighted in blue. If it does not match, the attributes which caused it to fail are highlighted in red. Click the X   icon to close the popover.

  • You can press the Space bar to bring up a Quick Look preview of the selected item.

  • When you’re finished viewing rule matches, click “Done.”

To view rule status for a folder without actually running the rules, you must pause the rules for the selected folder before adding or changing a rule. See  Preview a Rule  for details.


Preview a Rule

Enable, Disable, or Pause Rules