What’s New in Hazel 5

Hazel version 5 has the same core features as version 4, but adds new capabilities and makes significant changes to the user interface.

Standalone App

Whereas earlier versions of Hazel were packaged as a System Preferences pane, Hazel 5 is a standalone app, which is normally stored in your Applications folder. However, Hazel’s helper process runs all the time, even when the app itself is not open, which means Hazel can continue monitoring your folders and acting on them when you close the app.

Because a standalone app has fewer constraints than a preference pane, the window layout is improved, and the rule editor is part of the main window that can be visible all the time, rather than appearing only in a sheet.

Detachable Rule Editor

The rule editor can also be detached so it floats alongside the window, enabling you to see two or more rules at once. See  Edit or Remove a Rule .

Folder Groups

To make it easier for you to manage large numbers of folders, you can now arrange your folders into collapsible groups. See  Manage Folders .

Sticky Preview

When you select a file or folder to use for previewing a rule, you can now select other rules within the same folder to see whether their conditions match the item you selected. See  Preview a Rule .

More Flexible Status Window

The Rule Status window can now stay open while you perform other tasks elsewhere in Hazel; it updates automatically as you switch folders. See  Show Rule Status .

Custom List Item Attributes

You can now specify a custom list of terms for Hazel to match against. See  Custom List Item Attributes .

Custom Table Attributes

Like the custom list item attribute, but more sophisticated, is the custom table attribute. You can create your own table of terms, and Hazel can use the relationship between terms in the same row for matching, renaming, and more. See  Custom Table Attributes .