Install Hazel

Hazel requires a Mac running OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) or later.

To install Hazel:

  • If you haven’t already done so, download the latest version of Hazel from the  Noodlesoft website .

  • Double-click the disk image file you downloaded.

  • Read the license terms and click “Agree” to accept them.

  • Double-click the “Hazel” icon.

  • An “Install Hazel” alert asks where you want to install Hazel. Click Install in Applications to install Hazel in the default location (Macintosh HD   Applications), or click Select Location to choose a different location.

  • An “Install Cleanup” alert asks whether you want to eject the installer disk image and move it to the Trash. Click Yes or No, as you prefer.

  • The Hazel app opens. If you previously had an older version of Hazel installed, you may see one or more alerts stating that Hazel would like to access files in certain folders. Click OK for each one to grant permission.

  • If Trash functions are enabled, a “Trash Access” alert appears, informing you that you must grant Hazel full disk access to use its Trash-related features. To do this:

    • Click “Open System Preferences.” Make sure you’re in System Preferences > “Privacy” > “Full Disk Access.”

    • Click the lock icon in the lower-left corner of the window and authenticate to unlock it.

    • Drag the Hazel icon into the list. (If it’s already there, but its checkbox is deselected, select the checkbox.)

    • Click “Quit & Reopen” to quit the Hazel app and reopen it so that it has full disk access.

  • A notification appears, asking whether Hazel can display notifications as it runs. Click the Options pop-up menu and choose Allow to permit these notifications.

  • If you are installing Hazel for the first time, an alert informs you about the 14-day free trial and asks if you want to install some sample rules. Click “Yes” or “No,” as you prefer. 


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