Relocating Folders

If you need to replace a folder across all your rules, you can use Hazel’s “Relocate Folder” option. This allows you to change the location of a folder in all your rules at once instead of having to edit each rule individually.

Keep in mind that relocating a folder only affects what folders your rules use; it does not actually change any folders on your filesystem nor does it change what folders Hazel monitors.

To relocate a folder:

  • Edit a rule using the folder you want to relocate.

  • Go to any action which uses that folder.

  • Click on the folder pop-up for that action.

  • Select “Relocate Folder…”

  • In the file dialog that appears, select the new folder to be used.

  • In the file dialog, you will also be presented with an option. Select whether you want only the original folder to be replaced or whether you want to also replace any subfolders of the original folder in use by any rules. This latter option allows you to relocate a tree of folders together.

  • Click the “Replace” button.

All rules using that folder will be updated immediately. Note that cancelling out of the editing the rule will not reverse this change.