Copy or Move a Rule

If you have a rule you want to apply to another folder, you can copy it (and then, if necessary, make any desired modifications to the copy). You can also move a rule to a new folder (removing it from the first one in the process).

To copy a rule to another folder:

  • Drag the rule from the “Rules” list to the desired folder in the “Folders” list.

  • Drop the rule on the folder to add the rule to the end of that folder’s rule list. Alternatively, you can drag the rule to a specific position in the rule list for the destination folder. A horizontal line appears where it will be placed.

To move a rule to another folder:

Follow the steps above, but hold down the   key during the drag and drop. The rule disappears from the original folder.

Note:  Rules that are copied or moved between folders are automatically enabled in the new location. If you prefer for a moved rule to be disabled in the new location, you must deselect it manually.


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