Edit or Remove a Rule

To edit an existing rule, select it in the “Rules” list, make any desired changes, and click Save.

New in Hazel 5 is the capability to detach the rule editor so it appears as a floating window. This gives you a way to compare two or more rules side by side—handy if you’re creating multiple similar rules with lots of complex conditions and actions.

To detach the rule editor, click the Detach Editor   icon on the toolbar. The rule editor for the current rule splits off into a separate window, which you can move, close, zoom, or minimize in the usual ways. You can then select another rule to view and edit in the main window.

To remove a rule:

  • Select the rule and press the Delete key.

  • Read the warning message and click “Remove Rule” to confirm deletion.

Note:   If you delete a rule and immediately change your mind, you can put it back by choosing Edit > Undo or pressing  ⌘-Z.


Create a Rule

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