Attributes & Actions

This group of topics provides extensive coverage of all the attributes used in rule conditions and all the actions Hazel can apply when conditions match:

  • Attribute Reference : A list of all the attributes Hazel supports for rule conditions, with explanations of each one. Subtopics:

  • Action Reference : A list of all the actions Hazel supports, with explanations of each one. Subtopics:

    • Copying Folder Structure : Some actions can copy or move an entire folder; this page describes your options for maintaining the folder structure at the destination.

    • Specifying Upload Options : This page describes options for uploading files via FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV.

    • Using Patterns in Actions : Just as a condition can include a user-defined pattern, so can an action (such as “Rename” or “Add comment”). Subtopics:

  • Using AppleScript or JavaScript : You can use AppleScript or JavaScript to create conditions or actions used in Hazel rules. This page provides an overview.

  • Using Automator : Hazel actions can trigger Automator workflows, as described on this page.

  • Using Shell Scripts : Shell scripts can provide both conditions and actions for Hazel rules.