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My NSConference talk

October 14th, 2014 — 1:51pm

Just found out this weekend, somewhat belatedly, that my talk at NSConference 6, “Life Outside the Mac App Store”, is available on Vimeo. I don’t have the nerve to watch it myself but given recent events, you might find it interesting.

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NSConference 6

March 26th, 2014 — 5:24pm

I should have posted about this before but since I already didn’t do that, I’m posting about it now after the fact. Last week I spoke at NSConference 6. I have to say it was an extremely well-run conference. Cheers to Scotty and his crew for putting together a great event. Being a speaker, I was more conscious of how things were run since there were more arrangements regarding travel and such but it was smooth sailing throughout. The staff at the venue were wonderfully attentive as well.

Had a great time. It was nice meeting people whom I might not see at conferences stateside. By the way, to those of you who followed me on Twitter after the conference: prepare to be disappointed as I hardly use it. But I do hope to see you all at future conferences.

This was my first time speaking at a conference. I think it went ok though I can think of a ton of things that didn’t go as planned but that’s mostly in my head (I think). I have to commend Scotty on making a bottle of scotch available on stage, which, as the audience observed, I was not shy about drinking. If there’s any interest, I may do a post on speaking at a conference for the first time.

The topic was “Life Outside the App Store” where I talked about my experiences with being solely outside the MAS. I tried to dispel any notions that apps are not viable outside it. After the talk, I was glad to hear from devs who were also doing their apps without the MAS. Much of the impetus of the talk was to get developers who were iffy about their app because of the MAS to actually realize their vision and know that their app can succeed, MAS or not. Hopefully there were a couple devs in the audience that took that lesson to heart.

In any case, for those that haven’t been, I highly recommend checking out NSConference next year. It’s definitely worth the trip across the pond for us Yanks. For you Europeans, well, you have no excuse since everything over there is like only a two hour drive away.

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