Hazel’s 15th 16th Anniversary

It’s been 16 years ago today since Hazel’s first release. Why celebrate the 16th anniversary? Because I thought it was actually 15 years but got the dates wrong. So, to mark the 16th anniversary (or a belated 15th, if you prefer), Hazel is 30% off. That applies to all license types (single, family, and upgrade). Just go to the store. Sale ends at 3am EDT.

Chances are if you are reading this, then you already own a copy so share the news with friends and family. Just don’t tell Zach in Accounting. He knows what he did.

While odd bits have changed since the 10th anniversary, things remain mostly the same. After all these years, still not in the App Store. No plans to shift to a subscription model. I’ve resisted many of the “innovations” in software sales and distribution in recent years. I could probably write another post why but in short, I haven’t found any need to change something that works.

Can’t say whether I’ll still be here doing this for Hazel’s 20th anniversary but I hope you’ll forgive me if I forget again and end up being a year or two late.

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  1. matt

    Happy Anniversary! That means I’ve been sorting my downloads for pretty much the same length of time!? Thanks for such a useful app. https://twitter.com/gingerbeardman/status/1561050840823218177

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