Hazel on El Capitan

For those who haven’t updated to El Cap yet or don’t follow the Twitter feed, yes, Hazel runs great on El Capitan (OS X 10.11). There are no known significant issues or bugs at this point and the current version runs fine as is. The only problem that I’ve found so far is an obscure and extremely minor UI feature. I will be issuing a patch at some point but there is no hurry on that front as I’d rather wait for some real El Cap bugs to surface.

If you do find problems, please report them to me. You can (in decreasing order of effectiveness) email support, post in the forums, or tweet. Those are the places I check and can confirm and fix the bugs I see there. I won’t see posts on other sites so please consider posting to one of the above places first. Whatever you do, please do not give credence to random statements about compatibility on other sites, especially when those statements were made months ago on an early beta of El Cap, and even more especially on a site with “rumors” in the name. I’ve received enough emails referencing such posts that I feel the need to weed those out specifically. Remember, this is the internet so choose your sources carefully.

In the meantime, work is continuing on version 4. I can’t say when it will happen but I will be doing a beta at some point so keep an eye on the aforementioned official channels for updates.

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  1. Alan J Cutler

    Ever since I upgraded to El Captain a few days ago, whenever I click on Hazel, the O/S freezes and I have to either force quite the Finder or reboot my MacBook.

    Yesterday, I contacted Apple Support and we spent over an hour running diagnostics, checking the contents of Library folders, and removing apps from startup. I only have a few third party apps; Hazel being one of them. We removed all the apps except Hazel and still had the hang issues. When we stopped Hazel from starting normal functioning returned.

    What Apple Support told me was that one of the changes in El Captain was additional low level security around the O/S. He said if Hazel is monitoring the file system, it is possible that is the problem I am experiencing.


  2. mr_noodle

    I haven’t seen this issue with anyone else. SIP shouldn’t affect Hazel in this regard. Can you email support providing any diagnostics you gleaned?

  3. Jocelyn

    I’ve upgraded to El Capitan without modifying anything else and Hazel stopped working. I use it for renaming photo files once added to a folder and nothing happens anymore.
    Already tried closing and re-launching Hazel but it did not work

    Any idea?


  4. mr_noodle

    Jocelyn: Please email support with details so I can look into it.

  5. Alan J Cutler

    I updated to the new version of Hazel last night, and for at least last night, I didn’t experience any hangs or freezing. Of course I need to see this last for a few days before declaring the new version of Hazel works fine with El Captain.


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