Hazel 3.2 with Mavericks tagging support

Apple just released Mavericks yesterday so I’ve released version 3.2 which specifically supports the new tagging feature. You can now create conditions based on a file’s tags and add/set tags via a new action. I’ve done a fairly faithful reproduction of Mavericks tagging UI so it should be a seamless experience.

Like Apple, I’m taking a more conservative approach to tag support as it’s still unclear how people are going to use the feature. One particular feature: the ability to create dynamic tags (i.e. not hardcoded into the rule) is definitely being considered. I’m sure many of you want this feature so here’s the deal: tell me how exactly you would use it. It’s not a question of “why” but of “how” so concrete examples will go a long way into determining how this feature will be fleshed out.

There are fixes in this release as well so even if you aren’t on Mavericks yet (though being free, what are you waiting for?), you should update. Many thanks to the people who beta tested. The beta version should update to the final release but if you run into any problems, contact me.


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  1. Robert Livingston

    Hazel 3.2 still has the options related to color labels although Mavericks seems to have gotten rid of this notion. I use this in some of my rules. One of my rules labels icons on the desktop related to their age.

    Not as useful as before because now Apple is using an inconspicuous dot rather than a colored label. In addition, however, this does not appear to be working completely. Still makes new files green as per my rules but older icons not turning red, as per other rules, after they have been on the desktop for a number of days.

  2. Jethro

    I would like Hazel rules that tag files as witness statements or with the date so I could remove either one of those from the filename. I am a principal at an elementary school and use Hazel largely for keeping track of incidents.

  3. LeeNux


    i use the Openmeta-Feature of Hazel to analyze tags, rename it using the ‘first item,…,last item’-function in combination with text replacement of ‘, ‘ to ‘-‘.

    Means, a file with tags ‘keyword1, keyword2, keyword3’ will be renamed to date – keyword1 – keyword2 – keyword3.ext. The ‘Sort into Folder’-function is used to build a rekursive folder-structure, depending on the renamed file.

    With Version 3.2 it seems like Openmeta isn’t recognized correctly anymore. Don’t know if this is a maverick thing or a hazel related issue.

    thats what i like to do, also with new tagging functionality in maverick:

    – Tagging a file in a specific order, rename it depending on this tags, and sort it into dynamic folder structure , also depending on these tags

    today my workflow for a paperless office is like this:
    1. scanning with scansnap to a hazel-folder
    2. rule1: open a tagging program (I use TagIt) to set OpenMetaTags
    3. rule2: rename it with with ‘first item,…,last item’-function like described
    4. rule3: set timestamp with shell script and touch-command
    5. rule4: sort it into indexed subfolders on a fileserver

    what i would really like to use is the possibility to use the ‘maverick’-tags (a list of those) to build up a folder structure. also a unix touch-function would be nice. mostly i get files with a unix timestamp, that not match the real date i would assign to it. to make it independent of any dms-system i prefer to build up a good folder structure with naming conventions.

    k … that were my 50cents … btw. u do a really good job … rly like things or tools that do what they promise .. like hazel ^^

  4. mr_noodle

    Jethro: I recommend emailing support with a more detailed account of what you are trying to do.

    LeeNux: Nothing has changed with Hazel w.r.t. OpenMeta so I suspect it’s on their side.

  5. Dan Shepherd

    One issue I’m having is that hazel helper is occasionally making my Macbook Pro use the discrete graphics and thus causing battery drainage. Only started since Mavericks, strange.

  6. Troy Liu

    I’d like to use Hazel to watch tags just like it to watch folders.

    Example: Once a image is tagged yellow (regardless of which folder it is in), Hazel will do a shell script to post it to my online photo album.

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