Hazel 2.2

Yes, it’s finally out. Hazel 2.2 is what I consider the “power user” release. It adds advanced features such as pattern matching and custom tokens (basically, a more accessible form of regular expression matching and substitution, for you programmer types out there), inline scripts and ways for AppleScripts to control the rule flow. There are a bunch of smaller things tucked away in there, some of them subtle in their own ways. Make sure to read the release notes.

Thanks to all the beta testers who found all the bugs there were to find (you guys did find them all, right?) and all the users who have sent in the great comments that motivate me to keep working on this thing. Download it and give it a spin.

As for the future, I’m thinking of 3.0 though I’m not sure what will be in it yet or when it will happen. I also have been mulling over other projects so we’ll see. In the meantime, I look forward to your comments.

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