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Despite my lack of desire for doing a blog, I’ve caved in and set one up. Why? One reason, two words: Daniel Jalkut. The renowned author of Red Sweater Blog has been bugging me for months to do one. Most of our conversations go something like this:

Me: [something about programming]
Daniel: Blog it!

Luckily for Daniel, these conversations are always online so he can’t hear the unpleasantly moist sound of my eyes rolling up into my head.

So, it is my hope that doing this blog will bring a little more variety to my conversations with Daniel. And thus begins a sporadically updated, at best mildly interesting developer blog. If you don’t like it, blame him.

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5 Responses to “Rhyme & Reason”

  1. Daniel Jalkut

    Forcing people to start blogs. Now that’s my idea of fun. Now write, monkey, write!

  2. rentzsch

    “And thus begins a sporadically updated, at best mildly interesting developer blog.” Wow, do you work in marketing? What a salesmen! 😉

  3. mr_noodle

    Well, I do like to set realistic user expectations. Maybe I’ll come around on this blogging thing but for now, this is more to get a monkey off my back.

    BTW, monkey count is now at 2. Anyone know of a WordPress plugin to keep track of this?

  4. Mark

    Welcome to the world of blogging, and my NetNewsWire list. If you’ve got Daniel and rentzsches (?) vote, you’re in. Good luck!

  5. Red Sweater Blog - The Perfect Mix

    […] Paul Kim of Noodlesoft started blogging last month after I bugged him for months to do so. I do this kind of nagging with several people I know. I am hoping to improve the Mac blogging landscape by encouraging more development-oriented writing. […]

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