How to revert to a previous version of Hazel

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After updating to a new major release, you may find you want to downgrade to the previous version (like from version 4 to version 3). Because the new release may have changed the format of the rules files, those files may not be able to be read properly by the older version. To perform the downgrade, follow this procedure:

  1. You’ll need a copy of the old software. You can find it here. Things will work the best if you download the same version of the software you were using before the upgrade.
  2. You’ll need to restore your old rules files. If you have backups, it might be easier to do a proper restore. After that, jump to the last step.
  3. From your home folder, go into Library/Application Support/Hazel. If you cannot see your Library folder, make it visible.
  4. In that folder should be a folder name “backup vX” where X is a number. For version 4, that number should be 19. Take the contents of that folder and copy them up one level, into the Hazel folder
  5. Install the older version of Hazel.

That should do it. If not then please contact support