How To Create Nested Conditions

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Nested conditions (sub-conditions) allow you create a group of conditions at a lower level. What this does is the following:

  • Allow you to use different combinations of “all/any”. Doing this, you can implement logic like “Name is A or Name is B but in either case, make sure it is also a music file”.
  • Allow you to target┬áconditions at another file/folder. For instance, match a folder based on items within it (match a folder if all of its files are music files) or based on its enclosing folder (match a file if it’s in folder named “some folder”). This does not change the file/folder that the rule acts on as a whole. If you want have a rule act on files within a folder, you want to create a subfolder rule instead.

To create a nested condition, hold down the option key while clicking the + button to create a new condition. That will create a nested condition underneath.

Like any other condition, it can be dragged around and deleted. You can also drag items in and out of nested conditions.