Previewing Your Rule

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Starting with Hazel 4, while editing your rule, you can have Hazel preview it against a file. It will show you how your conditions match up while you create/edit your rule.

To turn on preview:
  1. Click the Preview button, located in the top-right of the rule interface.
  2. Select the file/folder you want to preview against. Note that is has to be located under the folder Hazel is monitoring.

With preview mode on, the rule UI will show various indicators. Each condition will show one of the following badges:

preview matched Condition matches the previewed file.

preview unmatched Condition does not match the previewed file.

preview error There was an error trying to match the file.

info Condition cannot be evaluated yet (usually when a field is blank)

Clicking on the badge will bring up the value for the attribute(s) being matched by the condition. This will allow you to see where things may be going wrong with that condition.

Also, there will be an indicator to the left of the Preview button to show whether the rule as a whole matches or not.