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Hazel 3.2.3 Release Notes

New features:
  • Added “Dynamic Tags”. You can now create and remove tags based on a file’s metadata and custom attributes.
  • Dates attributes can now be matched against days of the week or month just as the “Current Time” attribute currently can. Just use “occurs at”, “occurs before”, and “occurs after”.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed completion drop-down getting screwed up when navigating by keyboard.
  • Fixed “(empty)” getting added to the name of an empty custom token every time it is edited (instead of just the first time).
  • Added icon for “any existing tag”.
  • Various other tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed crashes when the trash folder for a volume was missing.
  • The “anything” token when matching against non-Content attributes will now match across lines.
  • A bunch of internal cleanup.

Hazel 1.1.4 Release Notes

  • Fixed file sizes in rules getting reset when the size was 4G or greater.
  • Fixed bug where one could not open/edit rules which use the “Any file” condition.
  • When selecting a destination folder, the UI now allows the source folder to be selected (this is a reversal of a previous change). This is necessary to deal with cases involving subfolders.
  • Got rid of delay between making a change and having the change committed to disk. Now all changes are written out immediately. Should alleviate some minor confusion.

Hazel 4.3.4 Release Notes

New features:
  • Contextual menu in pattern fields now has a new “Insert Element” item. Allows you to insert tokens and attributes without having to leave the field or use drag and drop. Should be particularly helpful for VoiceOver users.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed crash when dragging tokens.
  • Fixed custom attributes not being deleted from other places when its source condition is deleted.
  • Fixed wrong custom attributes being removed when original is deleted in some cases.
  • Fixed preview not showing correct result of “none” sub-conditions.
  • Fixed debug UI turning the debug option on whenever it is brought up.
  • Will try and detect when adding a folder that falls under Mojave’s privacy protections and provide an alert in such cases.
  • Fixed text in the Matched Rule column in the Rule Status interface being cut off.
  • Fixed issue where folders in synced rulesets may no longer being tracked properly, showing up as invalid.
  • Other improvements.
Core changes:
  • Fixed “none” conditions not being evaluated properly for targets besides “Current file or folder”.
  • DMGs inside other archive files (like zips) are no longer uncompressed (and incorrectly at that) when the outer archive is uncompressed.
  • Various improvements.

Hazel 3.0.14 Release Notes

New features:
  • Can now edit notification options if you are on 10.8. You can access them via the gear/cog pull-down. Allows you to select Notification Center or Growl (if the latter is installed) and if using Notification Center, allows you to specify which kinds of notifications should be displayed. Note that the default now is to use Notification Center if both are available.
User interface changes:
  • In the “Passes AppleScript” condition, fixed the “Edit script” button being enabled when using an external script.
  • Tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed Hazel losing track of the trash if it’s empty on startup (OS X will sometimes delete the trash folder and reconstruct it later, for some reason).
  • Match patterns with accented characters will now match more reliably.
  • Various fixes to the rule engine.

Hazel 3.2.2 Release Notes

New features:
  • New “Remove tags” action. Can now remove all or specific tags from a file.
User interface changes:
  • ”Add Tags” action no longer has the option to replace existing tags. Instead, use the new “Remove tags” action to remove all the tags then add the new tags. Existing rules which used this option are automatically converted to do a remove then add.
  • Fixed certain tags not appearing in tag list.
  • Clicking outside the tag field will now dismiss the completion drop-down.
  • Fixed crash when bringing up a file’s info in the preview window on pre-10.9 systems.
  • When showing a file’s info in the preview, tags are now shown in their “token” form (with their associated color), instead of just plain text.
  • Smart quotes are no longer enabled in the shell script editor.
  • Performance fixes on startup and when bringing up the rule interface for the first time.
  • Replaced icons in a couple places with proper resolution-matching versions.
  • Numerous fixes and adjustments.
Core changes:
  • Fixed issue where, when updating, it would prompt for a password. Note that this fix will only kick in after you have updated to this release so it should be fixed when you update to the next release.
  • Fixed issue where matching a date only by month would result in a date one month later. This would occur when the current day was on a day that didn’t exist in the month being matched. For example, if today is Dec 31 and you are matching February (with no day specified), which doesn’t have a 31st, you’d get Mar 31st. Now it should return Feb 28 (or 29 in leap years).
  • In certain cases, when processing a file would result in an error, the scheduler would reschedule the file immediately instead of using increasing back-off intervals. This should be fixed now.
  • Fixed Create Alias action failing when the destination is “enclosing folder”.
  • Other internal fixes.