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Hazel 3.0.12 Release Notes

New features:
  • Added support for Mountain Lion’s Notification Center. Note that if Growl is installed, it will use Growl notifications instead.
  • Added “current date” attribute for use in patterns.
User interface changes:
  • All graphics now updated for retina displays.
  • Fixed crash when picking Spotlight attributes.
  • Fixed resizing issues with script editors and other popovers.
  • Fixed scroller not appearing for rules that don’t fit on the screen.
  • Copy/pasting of custom tokens in a condition will now generate new names for them instead of creating bad copies (the names have to be unique within a rule).
  • Various tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed crashes in the helper and worker processes.
  • Fixed custom tokens with slashes (/) in the captured value not working.
  • Documents which also happen to be zip files (iWork and Microsoft Office documents, for example) will no longer match the “Archive” kind.
  • When importing into iTunes/iPhoto/Aperture, Hazel will adjust the timeout depending on the size of the file being imported. This should hopefully avoid imports timing out on large files.
  • Fixed rules using “date last matched” not triggering in specific circumstances.
  • Miscellaenous fixes.

Hazel 2.3 Release Notes

New Features:
  • Added multiuser support for App Sweep. If enabled, when you throw something away, other users on the same machine, when they log in, will also get a chance to also throw away their support files.
  • Added autocompletion to fields in the rule interface. Saves typing for common phrases and tags.
  • Expanded formatting options for different attributes.
    • Numeric attributes can have number of digits specified.
    • List attributes can be set to select only the first or last item instead of displaying all items.
    • Custom tokens will show formatting options based on what types of characters it consists of.
  • [Leopard] Added in-app store. Purchase Hazel from the app itself and have the license automatically downloaded and registered. Tiger users will continue to be directed to the website.
  • Added syntax highlighting for shell scripts. Works not only for shell (sh/bash) scripts, but for Python, Perl, Ruby and awk as well.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to the script editor.
  • Added special “enclosing folder” which can be the destination of move/copy operations. Allows one to move/copy a file or folder up one level.
  • Growl notification action now has an option to make it “sticky” (it will stay on the screen until clicked on). You can still override this in Growl’s preferences.
  • Attributes which are lists of items now can use pattern matching in conditions.
  • The “Unarchive” action can now handle RAR files (including multipart archives). Upon successful unarchiving, all the RAR parts will be thrown away and replaced with the unarchived contents.
  • Added support for Transmission and Opera. If the apps are installed, they will appear in the QuickList drop-down when adding a folder.
  • Obsoleting keywords. Keywords are being phased out. If you are using keywords, you should receive a warning about converting your rules as well as a button to take you to a web page that gives more details on why this is being done and how you can migrate over. The page includes a program to convert existing files.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed preview not accurately showing results of rules filtering on “Subfolder depth.”
  • Fixed custom tokens sometimes not appearing in the attribute lists for actions.
  • Multiple App Sweep windows are now consolidated into one with tabs.
  • Fixed “Reveal in Finder” contextual menu item not working in the App Sweep window.
  • Fixed bugs with the “Kind” menu. Would sometimes get confused when a rule first loaded up, ending up with no “Kind” selected.
  • The warning icon for rules with errors should be more reliable as to when it is displayed (or not displayed).
  • Added “View Log” to menubar icon menu.
  • For unregistered users, menubar icon menu now shows time left in trial.
  • Added “hidden” debug mode checkbox. In the “Info” tab, hold down the option key and the checkbox will appear. Checking this option will enable debug logging.
  • Fixed hitting return in a pattern field sometimes not registering.
  • Error messages in the AppleScript editor are now selectable.
  • Fixed visual indicators on folders in folder list. Those that are inaccessible (on an ejected/unmounted drive) show as faded while those that are just gone (deleted) will have a red “x” on them. They should also have different tool tips explaining their status. Also, they should be better at staying up to date.
  • If a folder is inaccessible (the drive it is on has been ejected/unmounted), the UI will hide menu items to run rules manually.
  • The minute and seconds tokens in the date format interface now default to formatting as two digits.
  • Fixed spring-loaded folders not following Finder preferences on Leopard.
  • Numerous UI tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed how custom tokens match text. It won’t affect whether a pattern as a whole matches or not. Instead it affects what portion of the text gets “captured” by a custom token. It should now work in a way that makes more intuitive sense. If you use custom tokens, you may want to re-check how things work with the new behavior.
  • App Sweep has been improved to catch even more files.
  • Performance improvements in App Sweep. Scans should be a tad faster now.
  • Should now be able to derive the “Kind” from certain files without extensions that have a Kind assigned to them based on their creator code/file type.
  • Fixed Hazel getting confused when a file with the same filename would appear in a folder over and over again. In such cases, Hazel would think it was the same file.
  • If a file is going to be renamed to the same name, will now skip it so as to avoid updating any timestamps.
  • Fixed Hazel losing track of files on unmounted drives. Hopefully, now, Hazel won’t see these files as “new” again when you remount the drive.
  • Should be more responsive after a drive is mounted. If Hazel is monitoring a folder on that drive, its rules will run immediately.
  • Fixed hours being displayed in the range 0-11 instead of 1-12.
  • Fixed crash when trash directory is missing.
  • Fixed crash which occurred with certain Spotlight database schemas.
  • New FolderScanInterval default to override Hazel’s scan interval. The value should be specified in seconds.
  • Various other fixes.

Hazel 2.2.3 Release Notes

New Features:
  • You can now use the “matches/does not match” operator with “Source URL/Address”.

User interface changes:

  • Fixed crash when dragging the “other” token into a rename/sort pattern.
  • The shell script editor now indents continuation lines for readability.
Core changes:
  • Fixed certain case where license file was not sticking.
  • Internal cleanups and fixes.

Hazel 2.1.2 Release Notes

User interface changes:
  • [Leopard] Fixed missing arrows on pop up buttons in the rule interface.
  • [Leopard] Color label picker now resembles Leopard’s “square” version on Leopard systems. Tiger version unaffected.
  • Fixed UI not being able to edit a rule when it referenced a script that no longer exists.
  • New installs are set to check for updates weekly. Note that this was done in a previous release but was broken such that the checks did not actually happen (even though the UI indicated it would). This did not affect anyone who set/changed the frequency after the initial launch.
  • Fixed uninstall failing when Hazel was installed machine-wide on Leopard. Leopard tightened permissions on the machine-wide preference pane folder. Should now prompt for a password if necessary.
  • Interface should be slightly better about handling folders on external volumes that are unmounted. You will still get failures when moving/copying to such folders. Looking into reducing the occurrences of these messages (at least for Growl) in a future release.
Core changes:
  • Fixed general issues with Safari and OS X versions. Should now work correctly between different combinations of Safari and OS X, in particular, OS X 10.4.11 which switched to Safari 3.
  • Fixed “Date Last Matched” when the attribute was blank, making it less useful when comparing against other dates.
  • [Leopard] Background tasks now run at a lower IO level. This aspect was lost in the initial Tiger/Leopard transition.
  • Fixed case where hazelfolderwatch was running out of open file descriptors.
  • [Leopard] General updating of internal code to use newer Leopard APIs where possible.

Hazel 3.3.5 Release Notes

New features:
  • Hazel can now import into the new Photos app. Just use the “Import into Photos” action to import pictures into the album of your choice.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed output attributes for JavaScript being lost.
  • Can no longer rename an output attribute of a script to an existing custom attribute name.
  • Number adjustments are no longer capped to +/-100
  • Fixed multiple instances of a custom attribute appearing.
  • Fixed not being able to edit a rule which has a custom attribute in the lefthand side of a nested condition.
Core changes:
  • Text replacements no longer operate on text already replaced.
  • Other fixes.

Hazel 3.2.3 Release Notes

New features:
  • Added “Dynamic Tags”. You can now create and remove tags based on a file’s metadata and custom attributes.
  • Dates attributes can now be matched against days of the week or month just as the “Current Time” attribute currently can. Just use “occurs at”, “occurs before”, and “occurs after”.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed completion drop-down getting screwed up when navigating by keyboard.
  • Fixed “(empty)” getting added to the name of an empty custom token every time it is edited (instead of just the first time).
  • Added icon for “any existing tag”.
  • Various other tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed crashes when the trash folder for a volume was missing.
  • The “anything” token when matching against non-Content attributes will now match across lines.
  • A bunch of internal cleanup.

Hazel 1.1.4 Release Notes

  • Fixed file sizes in rules getting reset when the size was 4G or greater.
  • Fixed bug where one could not open/edit rules which use the “Any file” condition.
  • When selecting a destination folder, the UI now allows the source folder to be selected (this is a reversal of a previous change). This is necessary to deal with cases involving subfolders.
  • Got rid of delay between making a change and having the change committed to disk. Now all changes are written out immediately. Should alleviate some minor confusion.