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Hazel 4.0 Release Notes

New Features
  • Live rule preview. When editing a rule, you can pick a file to preview against and see how the rule’s conditions match that file while editing.
  • Rule syncing. You can now sync rules to a specific file. This can be done for multiple folders on the same machine, or across machines by using a file cloud service (Dropbox, iCloud Drive, etc.). Sync options are available via the gear pulldown.
  • Old rule preview interface expanded to a status interface. For files already processed, will show rule that matched and the last matched date. If there was an error, it will be displayed instead.
  • Smart folders can now be monitored and have rules applied to their contents. Works like regular folders except that you cannot perform operations involving going into or matching subfiles/subfolders.
  • Rule search added. Entering search terms in the field will search across various fields in the rule and filter the rule list as appropriate.
  • New “Toggle extension” action to show/hide a file’s extension.
  • “Display Notification” action now has option to play a sound.
  • “anything” (…) attribute now available in “Sort into subfolder” patterns. This allows you to sort into an existing folder based on only part of the folder name. When using this, note that the folder cannot be created for you automatically.
  • Improvements to “counter” attribute:
    • Added option to use lowest number available. Default is still to always increase.
    • Added option to use letters instead of numbers.
  • Added new “monitored folder” as a destination for move/copy operations. Represents the top level folder being monitored by Hazel. Especially useful for rules that are synced, where the monitored folder varies and cannot be hardcoded.
  • When using list-based attributes in a format pattern, you can pick any element (1st, 2nd 3rd, etc.) starting from the beginning or end of the list. Previously could only pick all items, the first item or the last item.
  • Introduced pop-up help text in a couple places to help point out less-used features.
  • Can now show invisible characters when editing patterns. Use command-shift-i to toggle it on and off.
  • Requires 10.10 (Yosemite).
User interface changes:
  • Notification options moved from gear pulldown to the “Info” section. They are app-wide settings, not per-folder, so it made more sense to put them there.
  • Rules that are moved between folders will be deactivated. Likewise, if a rule is copied, the copy will be deactivated. This is to prevent cases where you want to move/copy then edit the rule in the new folder. There is a window of time between the copy and the edit where Hazel can run using the temporarily unwanted version of the rule. The rule can be re-enabled by clicking its checkbox at the new location.
  • Canceling rule edits will bring up a warning if changes have been made.
  • Can now edit server settings for the Upload action.
  • Fixed dragging of conditions/actions being glitchy in certain cases on El Capitan. In the process, also made it smoother overall.
  • Attributes which are lists of dates now have their own set of operators. Previously used the same operators as single dates which didn’t actually work when the rule was evaluated.
  • Rule window is now resizable horizontally.
  • Replace text window is now resizable.
  • Added some instructional notes to sample rules.
  • Updated app and document icons.
  • “Reveal in Finder” action and contextual menus now “Show in Finder” to reflect current verbiage in OS X.
  • When deleting a custom attribute, if it was in use, an alert would be shown. If you clicked cancel, the deleted attribute would not come back. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed rare case where the rule window comes up too short, cutting off the action at the bottom.
  • Fixes to tag field behavior.
  • Fixed a couple of hangs.
  • Got rid of duplicate entries in the pop-up for selecting AppleScripts/JavaScripts.
  • Various tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed rules using “is among the…” not running in certain cases.
  • Text replacements now work on numeric attributes.
  • Now uses more specific file events making processing a bit more efficient as only files/folders involved in a change are processed.
  • Fixed move/copy across volumes failing when there is an issue being able to acquire a temporary space to copy the file.
  • Fixed case where error status on a file was not being cleared if the file ended up matching no rules.
  • Rule evaluation engine will now forgo certain optimizations to ensure any custom attributes that can be matched will be.
  • Improved loop detection. Should hopefully prevent some cases which will become even more common with the new Smart Folder support.
  • Fixed throwing away duplicates function only working on the top level folder and not in subfolders.
  • Worker process will now reload rules between loops to catch any changes to rules.
  • Fixed case where prediction time may not be assigned correctly.
  • Small changes to make rules a bit less dependent on aspects of any specific host when synced or exported.
  • Fixed errors in various places where an Apple/JavaScript would export a nil/missing value for a custom attribute.
  • Numerous internal fixes, updates and cleanups.

Hazel 5.0 Release Notes

New features:
  • Hazel is now an app, instead of a preference pane. Note that on first run, Hazel will remove the old preference pane. No settings should be affected and your rules will carry over.
  • Hazel features a new user interface. The folder list, rule list and rule editor are all in one window now.
  • Added custom list item attributes. These attributes allow you to match against an item in a list that you define. The list can either be entered directly in Hazel or loaded in from a file.
  • Added custom table attributes. These attributes allow you to match against an item in a table. Once matched, any subsequent uses of that custom attribute will match against the same row, but it doesn’t have to be the same column. You can use this to match one thing and then use a corresponding thing elsewhere, either in a condition or action.
  • The folder list supports folder groups.
  • Rule editors can be detached so you can view multiple rules at time.
  • The rule status interface is now a standalone window. While it does update as you change folders, you will still need to manually refresh it to catch any changes to rules or files.
  • Preview mode will stick while navigating between different rules in the same ruleset.
  • New UI guide for giving Hazel full disk access.
  • Big Sur support.
  • Support for Macs with Apple silicon. Note that this has not been tested as thoroughly.
  • Bunches of other improvements.
User interface changes:
  • Because of the major UI changes, many things have been moved around, including:
    • Trash options are now in preferences.
    • Folder options have their own window. You can access them via the menu or toolbar item (it is not in the toolbar by default but you can add it).
    • Buttons to add folders/rules have been moved to the toolbar. To delete items, you can hit the delete key or use the “Delete” menu item under “Edit”
    • Rule preview is accessible via the “Rule” menu instead of a dedicated button in the interface.
  • Fixed crash when using keyboard navigation in some popovers.
  • Fixed rule preview now showing any values for attributes when the condition is a “negative” one (like “is not blank”).
  • Various other tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes occur when matching month names that have a dot in them. Some regions will use a dot in the abbreviated form of the month.
  • Fixed issue with scheduling using “Current time” when trying to catch it within a 5 minute interval.
  • When checking whether a thrown-away app is the last copy on the system, AppSweep should ignore secondary drives with macOS installs on them .
  • Numerous updates and fixes.

Hazel 2.3.2 Release Notes

New Features:
  • Snow Leopard compatibility: Hazel is now runnable on Snow Leopard.
  • 64 bit support: Hazel is now 64-bit. If your CPU supports it, the preference pane will load into System Preferences on Snow Leopard without requiring a restart in 32-bit mode. The background processes will also run in 64-bit on Snow Leopard.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed the menubar menu not updating when a drive was mounted/unmounted.
  • Entries in the menubar menu for folders on unmounted/ejected drives will now stay there and just grey out when the drive is unavailable.
  • Numeric attributes now show your selected number format in its pop-up if it isn’t one of the presets.
  • Fixed attributes and tokens getting “linked” across rules when a rule was copied. For example changes to the date format in one would be seen in the other. Copies now should be totally distinct from each other.
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in the main pane interface.
  • Fixed the focus ring not showing up for the action pull-down button.
  • Entries in the Spotlight picker should now sort in a case-insensitive manner.
Core changes:
  • Fixed bug where the uninstall log was not being created, therefore breaking multiuser App Sweep.
  • Fixed App Sweep popping up if a duplicate of a file is thrown away. This usually happens when a copy of the app is already in the Trash resulting in “” thus tricking Hazel into thinking it’s a different app.
  • Fixed case where a badly formed bundle id would confuse App Sweep into adding the preferences folder to the support file list.
  • App Sweep should now be able to clean up after screen savers.
  • Fixed text captured by a custom token having spaces stripped out of it.
  • Fixed crash when executing a rule which used the “domain” attribute with a special format option (formatting as “” instead of “”) and the file had no domain set.
  • Tweaked trash algorithm in terms of prioritizing and handling oversized files.
  • Fixed subtle case in code determining a file’s extension when the extension is a number (such as is the case with man pages) and it has a file association with an app.
  • Numerous internal fixes.

Hazel 3.3 Release Notes

Note: this release requires 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later to run.

New features:
  • Files can now match multiple rules. Use the new “Continue” action to have Hazel continue evaluating rules if the current rule matches and hasn’t been moved out of its folder.
  • Conditions can now use custom attributes defined in earlier conditions. This means:
    • Custom attributes now appear in the attribute pop-up. You can create conditions based on your custom attributes just like the built-in attributes.
    • Custom attributes can be used in match patterns in conditions. When doing this, the first instance of the custom attribute to match has its value captured. Any subsequent usage of that custom attribute must match that captured value. For instance, if you have a custom attribute that matches the text “blah”, subsequent conditions which try and match that attribute must match the text “blah” as well, ignoring whatever pattern you set on it. The same goes for custom date attributes, though in that case, the pattern for the date is still used to parse it; the resulting date must be the same as the captured one. See the help for some examples.
  • Added “did change” operator. You can now monitor whether an attribute changed without knowing what it changed from or to.
  • AppleScripts are now passed in an extra argument, which is a list of custom attribute values. You can specify in the interface which attributes you want Hazel to send in.
  • AppleScripts in conditions can now export custom attributes as they already can in actions currently.
  • On 10.10, you can now use JavaScript in addition to AppleScript. JavaScript can be used wherever AppleScript can and has the same capabilities.
  • The preview now shows how a file matches against all possible rules. Also, if a rule failed to match, the field(s) which caused it to fail will be highlighted in red.
  • Pressing the spacebar in the preview brings up QuickLook for the selected file.
User interface changes:
  • New graphics and icons.
  • Cosmetic changes for 10.10 (Yosemite).
  • Fixed various erratic behaviors with tag fields.
  • Various VoiceOver fixes.
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • The Upload action can now properly upload whole folders, not just individual files.
  • Various fixes to upload code.
  • Fixed the Unarchive action not working on certain archive files.
  • Fixed issue with Hazel not being able to add folders beyond a certain limit.
  • Re-worked storage of internal file aliases which should allow Hazel to better track changes when rules/settings are transferred across accounts.
  • Fixed engine sometimes not being triggered when events arrive while it is in the midst of processing the folder.
  • Tweaked AppSweep algorithm to prevent some false positives.
  • Worked around Apple bug where color tag was being re-applied when doing a Remove tag then Add tag action in the same rule on pre-10.10 systems (issue is fixed in 10.10).
  • Fixes O’Plenty.

Hazel 3.1 Release Notes

Note: Version 3.1 requires OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later

New Features:
  • Added new “Upload” action to upload files via FTP/SFTP/WebDAV
  • Can now use patterns to match against and extract a file’s contents. Note that this only works for certain file types like PDF and certain text formats (if it can be properly viewed by TextEdit, chances are it will work).
  • Added a custom date token type. Can use it to match dates in text and then be used as a date in other patterns.
  • Rules can have notes/descriptions added.
  • Move/copy/upload actions now have an option to copy over the folder structure. This is akin to using the “source folder” attribute but the hope is that that attribute can be phased out in the future in favor of this, which is much easier.
  • New option to not overwrite the existing file when copying/moving/uploading.
User interface changes:
  • Removed the condition target pop-up from the main rule interface as it was causing too much confusion and was being used incorrectly by novices. It is now only accessible via a nested condition. Rules that currently use it will have an extra nesting level added but should behave the same. Also, as a result of this, there is an extra level of nesting allowed.
  • You can now nest “any/all subfiles” underneath an “enclosing folder” target.
  • Fixed not being able to nest “enclosing folder” under another “enclosing folder” target.
  • Added “this quarter” to date conditions and “quarter” to date formatting options.
  • Fixed the Mail quick folder item in the open dialog not working on 10.8
  • Notifications now disappear from Notification Center when clicked on.
  • Tokens will now indicate if it has text replacements by showing a double-ended arrow symbol at the end.
  • Fixed bug where changes to tokens were kept even when canceling a rule edit.
  • Edit button no longer is enabled if multiple rules are selected.
  • bash is now the default shell for shell scripts.
  • Fixed various quirks with custom tokens.
  • Numerous other fixes and tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Added optimizations to only process necessary files in any one pass. Should significantly cut down on files being processed over and over unnecessarily.
  • Scripts are now run by executing the user’s preferred shell first. This should more closely (but not exactly) simulate the environment that the user experiences when running the script from Terminal.
  • Duplicate files are thrown away after a delay. This should prevent Hazel from interfering if you are doing something in the folder, like creating new folders or making a copy manually so you can move it somewhere else.
  • Files too big for the trash and marked for immediate deletion now have a grace period of a few minutes before they are deleted.
  • iTunes/iPhoto/Aperture timeout is now based on file size. Should prevent Hazel from timing out early when importing huge files.
  • Re-worked/updated how metadata and attributes are fetched from files which should result in better performance.
  • Fixed text replacement not taking place for custom or exported tokens.
  • Shell script output is once again enabled in the logs, but only in debug mode.
  • Symlinks should now have the date added of when the link was added, not the date added of the file/folder it is pointing to.
  • Fixed numerous issues with custom tokens which would cause crashes or rule corruption.
  • Reworked some aspects of the logging system. Certain logs are now filtered out unless enabled via a default.
  • Honey bunches of fixes.

Hazel 5.0.4 Release Notes

New features:
  • New “Treat as Path” option for text-based attributes. In “Sort into subfolder” patterns, you can now tell Hazel to treat the attribute as a path, specifying which character to use as the path separator. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the table feature, where you can specify a column which contains various subfolders to file things into.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed various layout issues with the folder list.
  • Fixed layout with the search toolbar item. Now takes into account its width when its expanded, which should address issues when using layout 3 for the main window.
  • Rule actions should now take up more of the available horizontal space.
  • Folder and rule lists now use the “inset” style on Big Sur.
  • Fixed certain rule changes not registering.
  • Fixed the active flag getting cleared when rule is saved.
  • Fixed sync options not being available if the sync file is on a drive that is not available at the time.
  • The feature where Hazel would ask to select a new folder if the original folder no longer exists has been added back in. Was lost in the version 4->5 transition.
  • Fixed rule save/revert buttons scrolling out of view in certain cases.
  • Fixed undo for enabling/disabling rules.
  • With a search active, newly created/added rules will remain visible even if they don’t match the current search. Will disappear if the search text is changed and they do not match the new search criteria.
  • You should no longer be able to create a new rule while the current one is unsaved.
  • Alert when leaving an unsaved rule now has an option to save.
  • Fixed rules not refreshing after changes to the sync settings.
  • Rule status will now be brought forward whenever toolbar/menu item is invoked.
  • Fixed some threading issues with Rule Status which would cause various glitches.
  • Rule status should show updated file list when it is refreshed.
  • Fixed file list in Rule Status not being sorted in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when setting a table to use the first row for column names and the table file is empty.
  • Fixed crash when using non-custom attributes as inputs to an Apple/JavaScript.
  • Keyboard navigation should now work in the “Replace Text” window.
  • Fixed display issues when doing “Expand All”.
  • Numerous other UI fixes and tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed start/stop state of background process not being observed/saved between machine reboots.
  • Several changes made that should address AppSweep not triggering in certain cases.
  • Fixed “is among the” type conditions when used in conjunction with certain types of conditions.
  • Fixed using “starts with/ends with” with a custom attribute on the left-hand side of a condition.
  • Import into TV action should no longer incorrectly report an error when successfully importing into the Library.
  • Various internal fixes.

Hazel 3.0 Release Notes

New Features:
  • Added Import into Aperture action.
  • Added Sync action to sync (one-way) a file or folder to another location.
  • Added Current Time attribute. Provides scheduling support for rules.
  • Rule preview now features a popover to display a file’s attributes. Attributes that contributed to a rule match are highlighted.
  • Conditions can now be nested/grouped. You can now do combinations of and’s, or’s and not’s.
  • Conditions can be set to match against other files, like subfiles/folders or the parent folder. Note that actions still target the original file.
  • You can specify custom conditions via scripts.
  • Added new conditions to match files if they are the most/least recent or whether they fall within the top/bottom for a particular attribute.
  • The Add Comment action now supports patterns.
  • The Sort into Subfolders action now has options to throw away dupes and rename/replace.
  • The Open and Reveal actions now have an option to bring the application or Finder window to the front.
  • Tokens in patterns now support textual search and replace.
  • Ability to adjust dates in patterns. Tokens for date attributes can now have their value adjusted before display.
  • AppleScripts can export custom tokens which can then be used in patterns of subsequent actions.
  • Folders can be paused, suspending rule processing on them until resumed again. Allows you to preview rule sets for a particular folder without fear of them running.
  • Trash size can now be limited to a percentage of the total disk capacity.
  • Added support for Google Chrome.
  • uTorrent support. The latest version of uTorrent now supports separate folders for complete and incomplete downloads. If set in uTorrent’s preferences, Hazel will add uTorrent to the list of quick folders when adding a folder.
  • Added month and year to time units.
  • Now requires 10.6 (Snow Leopard).
User interface changes:
  • New UI, including (but not limited to):
    • Conditions and actions are now draggable/reorderable.
    • Eliminated expand/collapse UI. Now using popovers, making editing rules more nimble.
    • Pattern editors will now grow the pattern field to accommodate the whole contents. Should eliminate frustrations with trying to drag and scroll.
    • Script editors are now resizable
  • The Keywords action has been removed.
  • Moved preview function to its own button.
  • Fixed bug where deleting a condition defining a custom token did not delete uses of that token in patterns.
  • When deleting a condition defining a custom token, will only warn about a token is in use if it actually is in use.
  • Entries in the folder list and in other places will now show the parent folder if there are multiple entries with the same name.
  • Rule UI should behave better when the sheet runs out of room.
  • If a folder goes missing, the folder list tool tip will show the last known path when hovered over.
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • New engine. Uses newer file events mechanism. What does this mean?
    • Hazel will catch more file events.
    • It will do so in a much more timely manner.
    • Uses a new prediction engine so that it only wakes up when it needs to. No longer polls the disk (except for a couple exception cases).
    • As a result, much less resource utilization. For laptop users, this will result in longer battery life and Hazel will be less likely to prevent the disk from spinning down.
    • Allows for rule scheduling.
  • AppSweep now handles unloading launchd agents and login items.
  • AppSweep now cleans up Lion’s saved state and container folders.
  • Hazel will use Lion’s Date Added if it’s available.
  • Hazel should behave better with external drives. If a rule fails because the destination of an action is on an unavailable drive, it won’t re-run over and over until it does. Instead it will wait until the drive comes online, at which point, the scheduler will wake it up to run again.
  • Changed internal alias format to newer bookmarks. Added workarounds for shortcomings in Lion’s implementation of aliases/bookmarks with unmounted drives.
  • Fixed problem where trying to rename a file with the same name but different case was failing.
  • Fixed problem where asterisks were not getting matched properly when using the “is” or “is not” operators with text attributes (like “Name is …”).
  • Fixed issue where the name and extension (as well as full name) attributes were using the POSIX versions of the filenames which may not always match the names presented to the user in Finder. The most obvious difference is whether / or : is accepted in filenames. Hazel should now match against the filename as presented in Finder, which means that : is not allowed. Previous rules that matched against : will be converted to match against /.
  • Fixed problem when Spotlight and Launch Services reported a different “Kind” for a file. Usually happens with SMB filesystems.
  • Did a significant change in how files/folders are copied/moved. The destination file is now properly locked so that other compliant processes (including Hazel processes) will not interfere with the operation.
  • Archive action used to not archive a file if it was already a zip or had a zip extension. Made this restriction tighter such that the file has to be a zip AND have a zip extension. This allows file formats (like MS Office documents) which are zips to be archived.
  • Tons of fixes and tweaks.

Hazel Troubleshooting Guide

Rules don’t work? Here are a few ways to get to bottom of things.

Rule Preview

While editing your rule, you can preview it. See Preview a Rule for details.

View the Rule Status window

You can view the files in your folder and what rules they match. See Show Rule Status.

Check the logs

If everything checks out in the preview/status, then the next step is to check the logs.

Under the “Help” menu, select on the “View Log” item. That will bring up the logs. You can use the search field to find log messages specific to the file you are having problems with.

You can also enable debug mode which will result in much more descriptive logging. Instructions on how to do that here: Debug Mode



If you are still having problems tracking down the problem, contact support by clicking the “Contact Support” button in Hazel’s “Info” section.

Make sure to attach the information you gained from using the tools above.