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Hazel 4.3.3 Release Notes

New features:
  • You can copy and paste rules now (yeah, I know).
  • Rule search field is now resizable, because why not?
User interface changes:
  • Fixed crash in rule status window when trying to display certain errors.
  • Fixed colors for dark mode including:
    • Replace text interface.
    • Headers in rule preview popovers.
    • Cursor color in Apple/JavaScript editors.
  • Various other dark mode tweaks.
  • Fixed preview of Apple/JavaScript conditions not working because of Mojave privacy protections. Note that you must still accept the prompt to allow access when it appears.
  • Fixed preview popover size wigging out when detached.
  • Upload interface now allows empty passwords.
  • Added more tool tips to rule UI. Preview button will show name of file being previewed while the folder name and icon will show the full path of the monitored folder.
  • Expanded debug UI. Hold down option in the “Info” pane and click the “Debug…” button. Includes extra logging options as well as a button to reveal the location of HazelHelper, which is useful for adding it to Mojave’s Full Disk Access Privacy protections list.
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in several places.
  • Preview status badges now highlight when hovered over to indicate they are clickable.
  • Screenshots in Help scaled down to fit.
  • Fixed AppleScript examples in manual.
  • Various other fixes and adjustments.
Core changes:
  • Fixed bug where matching a time of 12 PM would end up being interpreted as 12 AM.
  • Internal cleanup and fixes.

Hazel 4.4.5 Release Notes

User interface changes:
  • Fixed crash when editing certain fields using non-Latin characters.
  • Fixed cosmetic issues with cancel/save buttons in rule editor.
  • Fixed display of + buttons in the rule editor on non-retina Mojave systems.
Core changes:
  • Added hidden default to disable querying Spotlight for tags. In some rare cases, this query can take an extraordinary amount of time and can temporarily hang the UI when dealing with tags. To set this default, in Terminal, you can do:

    defaults write com.noodlesoft.Hazel DisableSpotlightTagSearch -bool YES

    Note that this is totally unrelated to the bug on Catalina which causes the UI to hang entirely.

Hazel 5.0.7 Release Notes

User interface changes:
  • Fixed issue where rules may not appear when importing or adding in certain cases.
  • File dialog should no longer get stuck at old location when using the preview function.
  • File dialog for the preview function will now show an alert if you try to navigate outside of the monitored folder.
  • Fixed issue where custom attributes may get corrupted when using them in nested conditions.
  • Fixed help popover mentioning that the current rule has a note popping up when the current rule doesn’t actually have a note, but the first rule in the list does.
  • Fixed crash when previewing and there are errors in the preview.
  • Various other fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed matches when using a custom date attribute which uses the “anything” token in its pattern.
  • Fixed patterns that started with a date attribute from matching text which did not start with a date.
  • Fixed custom date attributes not filling in non-specified parts of dates. Should now use components of the current date.

Hazel 4.3.4 Release Notes

New features:
  • Contextual menu in pattern fields now has a new “Insert Element” item. Allows you to insert tokens and attributes without having to leave the field or use drag and drop. Should be particularly helpful for VoiceOver users.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed crash when dragging tokens.
  • Fixed custom attributes not being deleted from other places when its source condition is deleted.
  • Fixed wrong custom attributes being removed when original is deleted in some cases.
  • Fixed preview not showing correct result of “none” sub-conditions.
  • Fixed debug UI turning the debug option on whenever it is brought up.
  • Will try and detect when adding a folder that falls under Mojave’s privacy protections and provide an alert in such cases.
  • Fixed text in the Matched Rule column in the Rule Status interface being cut off.
  • Fixed issue where folders in synced rulesets may no longer being tracked properly, showing up as invalid.
  • Other improvements.
Core changes:
  • Fixed “none” conditions not being evaluated properly for targets besides “Current file or folder”.
  • DMGs inside other archive files (like zips) are no longer uncompressed (and incorrectly at that) when the outer archive is uncompressed.
  • Various improvements.