The Hazel Preference Pane

The main place you’ll interact with Hazel is on the Hazel pane of System Preferences. (It’s in the bottom section of System Preferences, along with any other third-party preference panes.)

Here are the major components of the Hazel preference pane:

  • “Folders” pane (1):  The “Folders” pane, selected in this example, lets you configure the folders you want Hazel to watch and the rules that operate on each folder.

  • “Trash” pane (2) : Click “Trash” to configure Hazel’s settings for automatically deleting items from your Trash, as well as the App Sweep feature (which uninstalls supporting files from apps dragged to the Trash). See  Manage Your Trash .

  • “Info” pane (3) : Click “Info” to  register  Hazel,  check for updates , set  notification options start or stop  Hazel, and toggle the Hazel  status menu .

  • “Folders” list (4) : This list contains all the folders you’ve asked Hazel to watch. By default, it contains only one folder—Downloads. (Note: You can add a folder to Hazel without assigning any rules to it, but every rule you create must be attached to a folder.)

  • Folder controls (5):  Use these controls to add or remove folders, see which rules have matched items in the selected folder ( ), or perform various actions on rules such as importing, exporting, syncing, and pausing ( ).

  • “Rules” list (6):  This list contains all the rules you’ve created (or imported) for the currently selected folder. Select the checkbox next to a rule’s name to enable it; deselect it to disable that rule. (In this example, all rules are disabled.)

  • Rule controls (7):  Use these buttons to add, remove, or edit rules.

  • Search icon (8) : Click the search   icon to filter your list of rules to show only items containing the search term.

  • Folder (“Throw away”) options (9):  Use these checkboxes to determine how duplicate files and (if applicable) incomplete downloads are handled for the current folder. See  Manage Folders .


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