What are the different types of Hazel licenses?

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When purchasing Hazel, you have a choice of two different licenses:

Single User License

As the name says, it’s for single users. This license allows you to use Hazel on up to two machines.

Family Pack

This is for households of up to five people or machines (whichever comes first). If you have a single user license and find that you need to use Hazel on more machines or with more users, please contact support.

Also, note that this is for non-commercial use. Companies and other institutions should contact support about volume licensing deals.

• • •

All licenses are valid for the major version of Hazel for which it was purchased. So, if you bought a license for Hazel 4, you can use the license for every 4.x.x release (i.e. every 4.x.x release is a free update).

When the next major version comes around, to use the new version, you will need to purchase an upgraded license. This is optional though as you are free to keep using the older version if you choose not to upgrade.