Hazel 5: Guide for Users of Previous Versions

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If you are coming from a previous version of Hazel, you may notice some things are no longer in the same place in Hazel 5. With the new UI, while most of the changes are pretty easy to figure out, some features may be harder to find. Some tips to make things easier:

  • Hazel is an app but it still has background helpers to run your rules. That means that you don’t need to keep the app running. You only need it if you want to view or configure your rules and settings.
  • Trash options are now found in Hazel’s preferences under the “Trash” tab.
  • Folder options have their own window. You can access them either via the “Hazel→Folder Options” menu item or the toolbar. Note that the toolbar item for this is not in the default set and has to be added to the toolbar.
  • Buttons to add folders and rules have been moved to the toolbar. To delete items, select them and press the “Delete” key or use the “Edit→Delete” menu item.
  • Rule preview is accessible via the “Rule→Rule Preview” menu item. The dedicated button for it in the rule editor has been removed.

Hopefully this will make your transition to the new version much smoother.