Hazel 5.1.3 Release Notes

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If running versions 5.1 or 5.1.1, you may need to update to this version manually. Please click here to download. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions from there.

User interface changes:
  • Fixed loading of rules with nested conditions using “Tags do not contain tags”.
  • Fixed cases where the help tip about not needing to keep Hazel running would come up when already showing.
  • Fixed the Relocate Folder feature causing folders between rules to be linked.
  • Fixed setting of a rule’s active status via AppleScript not sticking.
  • Fixed issue with the pattern editor for the next row popping up when dismissing the current one. Would happen if full keyboard navigation was not enabled.
Core changes:
  • Fixed bug where files were constantly being looped on. Would happen in certain cases where a matching rule would use the Continue action but then not match any subsequent rules.
  • Fixed crash when running a rule using text replacements in certain cases.
  • Added code to compensate for certain Spotlight importers returning a data type different than what is specified in the schema.
  • Other internal fixes.