Hazel 5.0 Release Notes

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New features:
  • Hazel is now an app, instead of a preference pane. Note that on first run, Hazel will remove the old preference pane. No settings should be affected and your rules will carry over.
  • Hazel features a new user interface. The folder list, rule list and rule editor are all in one window now.
  • Added custom list item attributes. These attributes allow you to match against an item in a list that you define. The list can either be entered directly in Hazel or loaded in from a file.
  • Added custom table attributes. These attributes allow you to match against an item in a table. Once matched, any subsequent uses of that custom attribute will match against the same row, but it doesn’t have to be the same column. You can use this to match one thing and then use a corresponding thing elsewhere, either in a condition or action.
  • The folder list supports folder groups.
  • Rule editors can be detached so you can view multiple rules at time.
  • The rule status interface is now a standalone window. While it does update as you change folders, you will still need to manually refresh it to catch any changes to rules or files.
  • Preview mode will stick while navigating between different rules in the same ruleset.
  • New UI guide for giving Hazel full disk access.
  • Big Sur support.
  • Support for Macs with Apple silicon. Note that this has not been tested as thoroughly.
  • Bunches of other improvements.
User interface changes:
  • Because of the major UI changes, many things have been moved around, including:
    • Trash options are now in preferences.
    • Folder options have their own window. You can access them via the menu or toolbar item (it is not in the toolbar by default but you can add it).
    • Buttons to add folders/rules have been moved to the toolbar. To delete items, you can hit the delete key or use the “Delete” menu item under “Edit”
    • Rule preview is accessible via the “Rule” menu instead of a dedicated button in the interface.
  • Fixed crash when using keyboard navigation in some popovers.
  • Fixed rule preview now showing any values for attributes when the condition is a “negative” one (like “is not blank”).
  • Various other tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes occur when matching month names that have a dot in them. Some regions will use a dot in the abbreviated form of the month.
  • Fixed issue with scheduling using “Current time” when trying to catch it within a 5 minute interval.
  • When checking whether a thrown-away app is the last copy on the system, AppSweep should ignore secondary drives with macOS installs on them .
  • Numerous updates and fixes.