Hazel 5.0.7 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Fixed issue where rules may not appear when importing or adding in certain cases.
  • File dialog should no longer get stuck at old location when using the preview function.
  • File dialog for the preview function will now show an alert if you try to navigate outside of the monitored folder.
  • Fixed issue where custom attributes may get corrupted when using them in nested conditions.
  • Fixed help popover mentioning that the current rule has a note popping up when the current rule doesn’t actually have a note, but the first rule in the list does.
  • Fixed crash when previewing and there are errors in the preview.
  • Various other fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed matches when using a custom date attribute which uses the “anything” token in its pattern.
  • Fixed patterns that started with a date attribute from matching text which did not start with a date.
  • Fixed custom date attributes not filling in non-specified parts of dates. Should now use components of the current date.