Hazel 5.0.4 Release Notes

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New features:
  • New “Treat as Path” option for text-based attributes. In “Sort into subfolder” patterns, you can now tell Hazel to treat the attribute as a path, specifying which character to use as the path separator. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the table feature, where you can specify a column which contains various subfolders to file things into.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed various layout issues with the folder list.
  • Fixed layout with the search toolbar item. Now takes into account its width when its expanded, which should address issues when using layout 3 for the main window.
  • Rule actions should now take up more of the available horizontal space.
  • Folder and rule lists now use the “inset” style on Big Sur.
  • Fixed certain rule changes not registering.
  • Fixed the active flag getting cleared when rule is saved.
  • Fixed sync options not being available if the sync file is on a drive that is not available at the time.
  • The feature where Hazel would ask to select a new folder if the original folder no longer exists has been added back in. Was lost in the version 4->5 transition.
  • Fixed rule save/revert buttons scrolling out of view in certain cases.
  • Fixed undo for enabling/disabling rules.
  • With a search active, newly created/added rules will remain visible even if they don’t match the current search. Will disappear if the search text is changed and they do not match the new search criteria.
  • You should no longer be able to create a new rule while the current one is unsaved.
  • Alert when leaving an unsaved rule now has an option to save.
  • Fixed rules not refreshing after changes to the sync settings.
  • Rule status will now be brought forward whenever toolbar/menu item is invoked.
  • Fixed some threading issues with Rule Status which would cause various glitches.
  • Rule status should show updated file list when it is refreshed.
  • Fixed file list in Rule Status not being sorted in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when setting a table to use the first row for column names and the table file is empty.
  • Fixed crash when using non-custom attributes as inputs to an Apple/JavaScript.
  • Keyboard navigation should now work in the “Replace Text” window.
  • Fixed display issues when doing “Expand All”.
  • Numerous other UI fixes and tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed start/stop state of background process not being observed/saved between machine reboots.
  • Several changes made that should address AppSweep not triggering in certain cases.
  • Fixed “is among the” type conditions when used in conjunction with certain types of conditions.
  • Fixed using “starts with/ends with” with a custom attribute on the left-hand side of a condition.
  • Import into TV action should no longer incorrectly report an error when successfully importing into the Library.
  • Various internal fixes.