Hazel 4.4 Release Notes

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New Features
  • Compatibility with Catalina. This mostly affects handling certain new privacy protections.
  • Added support for the new Music app on Catalina. Should work as “Import into iTunes” did before.
  • Hazel is now notarized.
  • Hazel now requires macOS 10.12.
User interface changes:
  • Tons of workarounds for various Apple bugs concerning preference panes in Catalina.
Core changes:
  • Worked around bug introduced in Catalina where numbers would get reformatted with a decimal (“1″ would become 1.0”).
  • Fixed various issues with the “Sort into subfolder” action using either wildcards or multiple folder levels.
  • Fixed issue when passing numeric attributes to AppleScripts as arguments.
  • Fixed a couple of issues regarding custom date attributes being used on the right hand side of a condition.
  • Removed Growl support.
  • Various other tweaks, fixes and workarounds.