Hazel 4.3.5 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • When deleting a custom attribute which is used in multiple places, Hazel was sometimes putting up an alert and then deleting all instances if the alert was confirmed. Fixed such that it only does the alert/delete when the last instance of a custom attribute is deleted.
  • On Mojave, when doing cmd-a (select all) or accessing the “Edit” menu while the rules list has focus would cause a crash. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed possible crash when dismissing rule status interface.
  • Fixed error when doing “Export all” when one of the folders has a slash (/) in its name.
  • Fixed sporadic display issue with the “Folders” header when switching panes on Mojave.
Core changes:
  • Tweaked how “Contents contain” works with Spotlight resulting in slightly more accurate matches.