Hazel 4.3.4 Release Notes

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New features:
  • Contextual menu in pattern fields now has a new “Insert Element” item. Allows you to insert tokens and attributes without having to leave the field or use drag and drop. Should be particularly helpful for VoiceOver users.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed crash when dragging tokens.
  • Fixed custom attributes not being deleted from other places when its source condition is deleted.
  • Fixed wrong custom attributes being removed when original is deleted in some cases.
  • Fixed preview not showing correct result of “none” sub-conditions.
  • Fixed debug UI turning the debug option on whenever it is brought up.
  • Will try and detect when adding a folder that falls under Mojave’s privacy protections and provide an alert in such cases.
  • Fixed text in the Matched Rule column in the Rule Status interface being cut off.
  • Fixed issue where folders in synced rulesets may no longer being tracked properly, showing up as invalid.
  • Other improvements.
Core changes:
  • Fixed “none” conditions not being evaluated properly for targets besides “Current file or folder”.
  • DMGs inside other archive files (like zips) are no longer uncompressed (and incorrectly at that) when the outer archive is uncompressed.
  • Various improvements.