Hazel 4.3.3 Release Notes

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New features:
  • You can copy and paste rules now (yeah, I know).
  • Rule search field is now resizable, because why not?
User interface changes:
  • Fixed crash in rule status window when trying to display certain errors.
  • Fixed colors for dark mode including:
    • Replace text interface.
    • Headers in rule preview popovers.
    • Cursor color in Apple/JavaScript editors.
  • Various other dark mode tweaks.
  • Fixed preview of Apple/JavaScript conditions not working because of Mojave privacy protections. Note that you must still accept the prompt to allow access when it appears.
  • Fixed preview popover size wigging out when detached.
  • Upload interface now allows empty passwords.
  • Added more tool tips to rule UI. Preview button will show name of file being previewed while the folder name and icon will show the full path of the monitored folder.
  • Expanded debug UI. Hold down option in the “Info” pane and click the “Debug…” button. Includes extra logging options as well as a button to reveal the location of HazelHelper, which is useful for adding it to Mojave’s Full Disk Access Privacy protections list.
  • Fixed keyboard navigation in several places.
  • Preview status badges now highlight when hovered over to indicate they are clickable.
  • Screenshots in Help scaled down to fit.
  • Fixed AppleScript examples in manual.
  • Various other fixes and adjustments.
Core changes:
  • Fixed bug where matching a time of 12 PM would end up being interpreted as 12 AM.
  • Internal cleanup and fixes.