Hazel 4.0.2 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Added the saved searches folder (default folder for Smart Folders) to the Quick Folders pulldown when using the file chooser to add a folder to Hazel.
  • Fixed error saving rules when creating a rule using the iTunes import action, with iTunes not set to share its XML file.
  • Fixed discrepancies in iTunes’ playlists depending on whether its XML file is shared or not.
  • Fixed non-latin characters disappearing when editing a pattern.
  • Fixed tokens possibly disappearing when navigating in a pattern field.
  • Fixed insertion point oddities when dragging a token into a pattern field.
  • Fixed right-clicking “Rename” on a rule not working.
  • Certain popovers should now try and flip around to make sure they are visible on screen.
  • Can no longer select the monitored folder in preview since rules don’t apply to it anyways.
  • When browsing a remote server via the upload action, the file chooser should now start at the home folder by default (was starting at /).
  • “Week of Year” attribute now shows proper cardinality (53 for Gregorian, 52 for ISO 8601, for instance).
  • The pop-up for the occurrence picker in rule conditions no longer grows too large, getting clipped.
  • Fixed rule window sometimes widening when hovering over the color label picker.
  • In-app store will now pre-populate web store with product and payment method if it transfers control over to it.
Core changes:
  • Fixed docx files sometimes being categorized as Archives, again.
  • Fixed Chrome downloads not being detected.
  • Fixed formatting of dates when the system calendar isn’t Gregorian. Particularly applicable to the ISO 8601 calendar which means that Hazel should now support ISO 8601 dates if you set your calendar appropriately.
  • Fixed duplicate files not being thrown away in a timely manner.
  • Re-calibrated parsing of two digit years to produce years between current year – 90 to current year + 10. Previously was assigning all years to the current century.
  • Misc. internal fixes.