Hazel 3.3 Release Notes

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Note: this release requires 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later to run.

New features:
  • Files can now match multiple rules. Use the new “Continue” action to have Hazel continue evaluating rules if the current rule matches and hasn’t been moved out of its folder.
  • Conditions can now use custom attributes defined in earlier conditions. This means:
    • Custom attributes now appear in the attribute pop-up. You can create conditions based on your custom attributes just like the built-in attributes.
    • Custom attributes can be used in match patterns in conditions. When doing this, the first instance of the custom attribute to match has its value captured. Any subsequent usage of that custom attribute must match that captured value. For instance, if you have a custom attribute that matches the text “blah”, subsequent conditions which try and match that attribute must match the text “blah” as well, ignoring whatever pattern you set on it. The same goes for custom date attributes, though in that case, the pattern for the date is still used to parse it; the resulting date must be the same as the captured one. See the help for some examples.
  • Added “did change” operator. You can now monitor whether an attribute changed without knowing what it changed from or to.
  • AppleScripts are now passed in an extra argument, which is a list of custom attribute values. You can specify in the interface which attributes you want Hazel to send in.
  • AppleScripts in conditions can now export custom attributes as they already can in actions currently.
  • On 10.10, you can now use JavaScript in addition to AppleScript. JavaScript can be used wherever AppleScript can and has the same capabilities.
  • The preview now shows how a file matches against all possible rules. Also, if a rule failed to match, the field(s) which caused it to fail will be highlighted in red.
  • Pressing the spacebar in the preview brings up QuickLook for the selected file.
User interface changes:
  • New graphics and icons.
  • Cosmetic changes for 10.10 (Yosemite).
  • Fixed various erratic behaviors with tag fields.
  • Various VoiceOver fixes.
  • Numerous tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • The Upload action can now properly upload whole folders, not just individual files.
  • Various fixes to upload code.
  • Fixed the Unarchive action not working on certain archive files.
  • Fixed issue with Hazel not being able to add folders beyond a certain limit.
  • Re-worked storage of internal file aliases which should allow Hazel to better track changes when rules/settings are transferred across accounts.
  • Fixed engine sometimes not being triggered when events arrive while it is in the midst of processing the folder.
  • Tweaked AppSweep algorithm to prevent some false positives.
  • Worked around Apple bug where color tag was being re-applied when doing a Remove tag then Add tag action in the same rule on pre-10.10 systems (issue is fixed in 10.10).
  • Fixes O’Plenty.