Hazel 3.3.3 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Fixed error/crash when editing rules with a custom attribute on the left hand side of a condition.
  • Fixed script input attributes that are Spotlight attributes not being saved properly.
  • Fixed incorrectly showing the options button for certain actions.
  • Help button in the script input/output attribute editor window now works.
  • Fixed number formatting options not showing up for custom text attributes.
  • Tag field drop-down menu now dismisses properly when clicking on another tag field.
  • Fixed menubar icons sometimes not displaying correctly.
Core changes:
  • Sort into subfolder action now properly handles sorting a file into a subfolder with the exact same name.
  • Now does extra checks for text files so that content matching now works for a wider range of text file types, in particular those without a known type.
  • Fixed Upload action not working for accounts that are full email addresses.
  • Now supplies date added for filesystems that do not support it.
  • Fixed issues with passing of attribute output from one script into another script.
  • Fixed Hazel not properly restarting after an update in some cases. May not take effect until next update.
  • Fixed case when a duplicate exists at the destination, throwing the file away as directed was being interpreted as an error.
  • Numerous engine fixes.