Hazel 3.3.2 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Fixed some rule settings not sticking when edited in isolation.
  • Fixed the “stopped” menubar icon in dark mode not being visible.
  • Fixed error/crash when dragging conditions around in certain configurations.
Core changes:
  • Fixed date matching on non-english dates translating to the wrong month.
  • Fixed number-based attributes being blank when used in patterns.
  • Fixed “did change” operator not working properly with number-based attributes.
  • Made Hazel more lenient with scripts used as conditions. If the script does not return anything, then it is considered to be the same as if it had returned “false”.
  • Sub-conditions that were set to target “any/all of its subfiles” were sometimes incorrectly evaluating to false. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed the throw away duplicates option for certain actions not working.
  • Some rule engine fixes.
  • Internal fixes.