Hazel 3.2 Release Notes

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New features:
  • You can now add conditions based on Mavericks tags.
  • New action to add/set Mavericks tags.
User interface changes:
  • Attributes which represented lists of items now have a “contain” and “contain item” operator. “contain item” is what “contain” was before and “contain” now acts more intuitively, which is to match the text within any of the items, and not the whole item itself.
  • Fixed crash when using the Kind picker.
  • AppleScript editor on Mavericks no longer uses smart quotes, which was messing up scripts.
Core changes:
  • Even though tags now replace color labels, you can still match on and set color labels. The color label action will clear any colored tags and replace them with the tag associated with the color you set, emulating how it worked before Mavericks.
  • Fixed shell scripts using csh/tcsh not working.
  • Various internal fixes and clean up.