Hazel 3.2.6 Release Notes

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New features:
  • When matching text content, if the pattern starts with a custom token starting with the “anything” token, then it will match everything from the beginning of the line. If “anything” is at the end of the pattern, it will match everything until the end of the line. You can use this to capture all the text before or after a certain point on a line.
  • When matching dates on Mavericks, Hazel will now use the list of languages set in System Preferences to match months.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed crash when editing certain types of rules.
  • Fixed crash when App Sweep kicks in.
  • Option to not upload a file if the file already exists was incorrectly labelled as “Move to trash”. This should be fixed now.
  • Fixed various memory leaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed Hazel not processing all folders on a drive in certain cases.
  • When unpacking an archive that contains a file whose format also happens to be an archive, but not actually meant to be unpacked, Hazel will leave it alone.
  • Should be better about finding iPhoto libraries in non-standard locations.
  • Various fixes.