Hazel 3.2.3 Release Notes

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New features:
  • Added “Dynamic Tags”. You can now create and remove tags based on a file’s metadata and custom attributes.
  • Dates attributes can now be matched against days of the week or month just as the “Current Time” attribute currently can. Just use “occurs at”, “occurs before”, and “occurs after”.
User interface changes:
  • Fixed completion drop-down getting screwed up when navigating by keyboard.
  • Fixed “(empty)” getting added to the name of an empty custom token every time it is edited (instead of just the first time).
  • Added icon for “any existing tag”.
  • Various other tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed crashes when the trash folder for a volume was missing.
  • The “anything” token when matching against non-Content attributes will now match across lines.
  • A bunch of internal cleanup.