Hazel 3.2.2 Release Notes

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New features:
  • New “Remove tags” action. Can now remove all or specific tags from a file.
User interface changes:
  • ”Add Tags” action no longer has the option to replace existing tags. Instead, use the new “Remove tags” action to remove all the tags then add the new tags. Existing rules which used this option are automatically converted to do a remove then add.
  • Fixed certain tags not appearing in tag list.
  • Clicking outside the tag field will now dismiss the completion drop-down.
  • Fixed crash when bringing up a file’s info in the preview window on pre-10.9 systems.
  • When showing a file’s info in the preview, tags are now shown in their “token” form (with their associated color), instead of just plain text.
  • Smart quotes are no longer enabled in the shell script editor.
  • Performance fixes on startup and when bringing up the rule interface for the first time.
  • Replaced icons in a couple places with proper resolution-matching versions.
  • Numerous fixes and adjustments.
Core changes:
  • Fixed issue where, when updating, it would prompt for a password. Note that this fix will only kick in after you have updated to this release so it should be fixed when you update to the next release.
  • Fixed issue where matching a date only by month would result in a date one month later. This would occur when the current day was on a day that didn’t exist in the month being matched. For example, if today is Dec 31 and you are matching February (with no day specified), which doesn’t have a 31st, you’d get Mar 31st. Now it should return Feb 28 (or 29 in leap years).
  • In certain cases, when processing a file would result in an error, the scheduler would reschedule the file immediately instead of using increasing back-off intervals. This should be fixed now.
  • Fixed Create Alias action failing when the destination is “enclosing folder”.
  • Other internal fixes.