Hazel 3.2.1 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Fixed bug on some systems where the tag field would not show all tags or any of the colors.
  • Fixed clicking on tags in the dropdown making the dropdown disappear (and not adding the tag to the field).
  • Fixed duplicate entries in the tag list.
  • Made color label picker resemble the newer round tag look on Mavericks systems.
  • On Mavericks systems, the color label picker should now show the proper tag names associated with the color when you hover over the color chits.
Core changes:
  • Fixed color label action not working for some people on Mavericks.
  • Setting the color on a file will now set all tags of that color on the file, and not whichever one it finds first.
  • Helper process should switch back to the integrated GPU instead of staying in discrete GPU mode.
  • Various fixes.