Hazel 3.1 Release Notes

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Note: Version 3.1 requires OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later

New Features:
  • Added new “Upload” action to upload files via FTP/SFTP/WebDAV
  • Can now use patterns to match against and extract a file’s contents. Note that this only works for certain file types like PDF and certain text formats (if it can be properly viewed by TextEdit, chances are it will work).
  • Added a custom date token type. Can use it to match dates in text and then be used as a date in other patterns.
  • Rules can have notes/descriptions added.
  • Move/copy/upload actions now have an option to copy over the folder structure. This is akin to using the “source folder” attribute but the hope is that that attribute can be phased out in the future in favor of this, which is much easier.
  • New option to not overwrite the existing file when copying/moving/uploading.
User interface changes:
  • Removed the condition target pop-up from the main rule interface as it was causing too much confusion and was being used incorrectly by novices. It is now only accessible via a nested condition. Rules that currently use it will have an extra nesting level added but should behave the same. Also, as a result of this, there is an extra level of nesting allowed.
  • You can now nest “any/all subfiles” underneath an “enclosing folder” target.
  • Fixed not being able to nest “enclosing folder” under another “enclosing folder” target.
  • Added “this quarter” to date conditions and “quarter” to date formatting options.
  • Fixed the Mail quick folder item in the open dialog not working on 10.8
  • Notifications now disappear from Notification Center when clicked on.
  • Tokens will now indicate if it has text replacements by showing a double-ended arrow symbol at the end.
  • Fixed bug where changes to tokens were kept even when canceling a rule edit.
  • Edit button no longer is enabled if multiple rules are selected.
  • bash is now the default shell for shell scripts.
  • Fixed various quirks with custom tokens.
  • Numerous other fixes and tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Added optimizations to only process necessary files in any one pass. Should significantly cut down on files being processed over and over unnecessarily.
  • Scripts are now run by executing the user’s preferred shell first. This should more closely (but not exactly) simulate the environment that the user experiences when running the script from Terminal.
  • Duplicate files are thrown away after a delay. This should prevent Hazel from interfering if you are doing something in the folder, like creating new folders or making a copy manually so you can move it somewhere else.
  • Files too big for the trash and marked for immediate deletion now have a grace period of a few minutes before they are deleted.
  • iTunes/iPhoto/Aperture timeout is now based on file size. Should prevent Hazel from timing out early when importing huge files.
  • Re-worked/updated how metadata and attributes are fetched from files which should result in better performance.
  • Fixed text replacement not taking place for custom or exported tokens.
  • Shell script output is once again enabled in the logs, but only in debug mode.
  • Symlinks should now have the date added of when the link was added, not the date added of the file/folder it is pointing to.
  • Fixed numerous issues with custom tokens which would cause crashes or rule corruption.
  • Reworked some aspects of the logging system. Certain logs are now filtered out unless enabled via a default.
  • Honey bunches of fixes.