Hazel 3.1.3 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • The connection panel now has a path field to optionally set the initial folder to start in when you browse the server. This should allow you to bypass folders which you may not have permission to view.
  • You can now enter an URL in the server field in the connection panel. When you tab out of the field, it will use the elements of the URL to autofill the rest of the fields for you.
  • The remote open panel should do a much better job at determining which folders are packages. False positives were making it such that some folders could not be navigated into.
  • After creating a new folder in the remote open panel, the new folder should now be selected.
  • When matching against contents, a space character now also includes line separators. As a result, patterns can now span lines wherever you use a space character in your pattern.
  • Fixed options for certain actions not sticking.
  • No longer display an underline in the formatting options for the single digit case for date components as it was confusing people into thinking it would only parse or display a single digit (it actually indicates the minimum number of digits, not maximum). The two digit case still shows an underline under both digits to indicate that single digit values will be zero padded.
  • Fixed duplicate entries in the server pop-up for the Upload action.
  • Replace text option should now be available for all tokens.
  • Added some missing accessibility/VoiceOver labels.
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes.
Core changes:
  • Numerous fixes to the upload/connection code, including specific fixes for WebDAV support.
  • Fixed handling of symlinks.
  • Content matching should now work consistently with text with accented characters.
  • If the region setting is not English, date tokens will match English months in addition to months in the current region setting.
  • Fixed infinite loop when formatting certain odd characters.
  • Fixed date/custom tokens which didn’t match still having a value.
  • Should no longer crash if a script ends up removing the file being processed.
  • Fixed an issue with keychain handling.
  • Various other fixes.