Hazel 3.0.6 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Fixed the “contains” operator on “Source URL/Domain” not sticking, reverting back to “is” when edited.
  • Fixed text completion not working properly in some places.
  • Automatic text completion no longer interferes with text input for foreign character sets.
  • Fixed bug when copying certain types of rules.
  • Various fixes.
Core changes:
  • Fixed the replace option not working for copy/moves.
  • Fixed handling of network volumes. Hazel should now properly poll in these instances since it cannot get full file events from these types of volumes.
  • Fixed Hazel not re-deploying workers when drives are re-mounted.
  • Date Last Matched is now set to the time when the file is matched, before executing actions, not when the rule has finished executing actions. This should allow rules to catch file changes if the file is modified while Hazel is performing actions on it.
  • Hazel now properly retries after encountering certain errors. A bug was causing it to not reschedule properly.
  • Bunch of internal fixes.