Hazel 3.0.5 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • Re-added “enclosing folder” as a destination of move/copy operations. Was unintentionally removed in 3.0.
  • Re-worded condition targets to make them a tad clearer and less ambiguous.
  • Fixed clicking on tokens inserting token at the end instead of at the insertion point.
  • Token replacements can now be done on any attribute/token type.
  • Pattern field no longer shrinks down to nothing when : is entered.
  • Comment and Growl message patterns now allow colons (:). It is still not allowed in rename/subfolder patterns since it is not a valid character in file names.
  • Growl options broken out of the pattern interface, instead appearing as its own popover via the Options button. This makes it consistent with the other action interfaces.
  • Attributes in Growl patterns can now be formatted like with other patterns.
  • Fixed pausing folders sometimes needing to be done twice before the setting stuck.
  • Fixed color label picker showing two colors selected at once.
  • Fixed keyboard navigation for color label picker.
  • Fixed text on pop-ups sometimes spilling into the arrow area.
  • Miscellaneous fixes, additions and tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed text replacements for normal attributes/tokens being broken in the last release.
  • Fixed Hazel not triggering for certain rules, in particular those that were dependent on folder size or subitem count.
  • Fixed various problems with the handling of symbolic links.
  • Reworked some of the core folder handling. Should clear up some subtle bugs here and there.
  • Got rid of false error messages during uninstall.
  • Numerous other fixes.