Hazel 3.0.4 Release Notes

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User interface changes:
  • When editing patterns, you can now click on the tokens to add them to the pattern at the insertion point in addition to dragging them in.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple custom tokens would be able to be created with the same name. If you have any rules with such tokens, you should delete them and reconstruct them to ensure that they are not corrupted.
  • Fixed problem where if a custom token is deleted, it was not deleted from any patterns using it.
  • Fixed entries in “Run Rules” submenu not becoming re-enabled after a run is triggered while Hazel is stopped.
  • Entries in the “Run Rules” submenu now show paused folders. They are indicated with a pause icon.
  • Fixed issue with the options button for the AppleScript action initially being disabled when using an external script.
  • Fixed the Growl sticky option sometimes not sticking.
  • Fixed “Send Profile Info” setting not sticking.
  • Fixed AppleScript and shell script editors shrinking every time they are opened.
  • Various tweaks.
Core changes:
  • Fixed bug where when using the copy action with the “throw away duplicates” option set, if the destination is a dupe, the original ends up being thrown in the trash. Now, the file is simply not copied over.
  • Fixed crash when opening rules which used the old keywords attribute.
  • Fixed mis-formatting of custom tokens with numbers.
  • Fixed text replacement on custom tokens.
  • Growl messages no longer convert slashes to colons.
  • Now properly handles the rare situation where Hazel has to poll but the time required to process a folder is longer than the poll interval. Before, this would cause the worker process to run indefinitely.
  • When Hazel is stopped (or a folder paused), if a worker process is already running, it will bail out at the end of the current loop thus terminating a bit quicker, depending.
  • Fixed bug where “any/all sub-files” expression was including invisible files in the matching.
  • Fixed “run rules now” not working if the folder is paused.
  • Numerous other fixes.